The Client Company

Jetpets was founded in 1991 and it is safely and comfortably transporting thousands of pets around the globe every year. With a team of expert Pet Travel Consultants, Pet Handlers and Vets to make this possible, Jetpets has investments in a custom-built road transport fleet, modern, comfortable transit lounges and qualified staff in areas of pet care and veterinary science. Built on a company culture based around pet loving, professional and friendly customer service, Jetpets is widely regarded as Australia’s trusted pet travel experts. 365 Digital Consulting helped the Company to have a  customised Power BI dashboard.




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Power BI

What Were the Challenges?

Gathering data, analysing it and gaining actionable insights is a real challenge for many businesses. However, it is also one of the most important areas and can make a real difference to how a business can move the entire organisation forward. Without this in-depth information, how one is able to remain competitive within their industry’s marketplace?

Each day,  Jetpets was generating a huge amount of data in various systems and platforms. But, they were not gaining insights from this data and it was not helping them make more informed decisions  due to having 30 GB load of data on their established dashboard. The consequence of having duplicate data entry resulted in:

  • Loading speed was so slow
  • Constantly facing errors due to some changes done on the dashboard
  • Having invalid data and report of their business

What Solutions did We Provide For Jetpets?

We, at 365 Digital Consulting, helped the client to have a Microsoft Power BI customised dashboard with visual, easy-to-read graphs and charts, allowing them to drill down and gain valuable insights.

After accomplishing two phases of the project, we designed a new dashboard, turning the heavy data load of 30 GB to 10 MB.

First phase included designing of 4 dashboards. Due to the fact that there were some drivers and they should do a series of checklists for themselves and for their vehicles, the designed dashboards were related to these basic requirement of the client.

Vehicle Check: They have several vehicles, each of them has to do a weekly checklist once a week; hence 4 times a month. The related dashboard helps them to filter the data based on car Rego number and  branch name to check whether each car has achieved its monthly inspection KPI.

Vehicle Sanitisation: The same happens for weekly sanitization of cars, showing completed and uncompleted number of cars and the total KPI.

Casual-Vehicle Check: Drivers have another goal, for example each driver has to show up 25 times in a month and they  have to fill a checklist each time they are there. They have to declare that they have  the car and everything seemed fine. The related report shows the number of times each driver has filled the form

Pet Handler declaration: It is a form that each pet handler should fill each time they receive a pet. moreover, all pet handlers should attend a mandatory training course. In the related dashboard they can filter on each pet handler’s name to see whether he/she has completed their courses or not, and how many times each of them missed the classes/courses.

Microsoft Power BI

What Were The Final Results?

  • The fast loading speed of data (less than 10 Mb compared to previous load of 30 Gb)
  • Simple, fast, robust and enterprise grade
  • Extensive modelling, real time analytics
  • Easy and quick sharing of data across all systems like windows, android and IOS.
Other Case Studies

Other Case Studies

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365 Digital consulting helped the client to have a synchronized work order management on office 365. Using Xero, QuickBooks, MailChimp, TextMarketer, integration with SharePoint/Office 365, we enabled the best process automation for small businesses.

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Calculating the expense claim manually, is a tough and time consuming job. In the meantime, it requires lots of accuracy and attention. 365 Digital Consulting primed the client to easily enforce spending expenses, capture receipts, process expense claims and make better business decisions based on the timely and accurate data; thus their productivity and profitability were significantly improved with Expense Claim solution.

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To automate the workflow and eliminate a large amount of paperwork, 365 Digital Consulting applied Power Platform solution, a combination of PowerApps, SharePoint and PowerAutomate.

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